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There is only one point in Coco though it is a real thing more and more when it is
possible to prepare it.

It is fear.. as for failing.

Absolutely. do not buy lottery- employment examination is also the same. turn

The page of the confectionery hygiene master examination nation qualification
serves as a reference製菓衛生師試験 国家資格.

The comparison, failing, the preparation, and the experience become the experiences not
substituted easily by the life in the future.

Please challenge the real thing fast without without fearing failure, and

Even if you take technical engineer’s (network  テクニカルエンジニア) qualification.

Those who passed went out for the essential information processing examination
in this spring in the company.

The story for the person who is today though there was a party in congratulation

「When it is essential information, it is an excuse of the party. Because it is not the one as said so much either. 」It was said very much.


June 30, 2007

How much becomes muscular pain when the boot camp is started?After it had camped booting, a day the first grade of junior high-school was opened about the first time because taking allowances about there had not been understood.

It is what when muscular pain seems to be too cruel, and to interfere to daily

Muscular pain came at once after it had done for several hours after the boot camp first time
(ビリーズブートキャンプ) had been ended.

It is painful somehow in the body. Of course muscular pain coming on the next day
when it got into bed while worrying.

The pain is a thigh because there was a lot of squat.

And, the vicinity of the collarbone is also painful why. Muscular pain ..basic training and here and there by the use of the muscle not usually used in the body other.. ..lightly…

However, the rise getting off of the stairs : for a moment by painful because it
did not overwork too much.

June 24, 2007

The article that loan money that the social welfare council in administrative divisions had financed to the low income household was not able to be collected was recorded on the left one January 22’Asahi Shimbun’ under the heading "27.2 billion yen of life welfare capital and loan uncollection".

It cannot be repaid even if money is originally lent to man who doesn’t have money
and it might be natural.

Do not lend money to the person in such a standpoint originally. It is not lend but to give money.

There is a site where it introduces the method for borrowing money.

I think the beeline of passing is to learn the study method from the person who passes by it.

It passes to the school so that a lot of examinees may pass Tacta, and it studies by a text on the market and the correspondence course.

However, there seem to be overwhelming the case to do useless study by the unknown thing a lot of effective study methods.

The book on the success method and the success law on a lot of lives and businesses is published.

Then, it looks like to be being written.

If it wants to succeed in easy early, it is told to learn from the those who succeed.

I pray to read the secret of passing from those who pass, and to be passed.

It is help of the move today though there is variously the administrative scrivener’s work.

And, it was no mean idly workload of lifting up the furniture two points that did not enter the stairs from the window, and lowering the desk from the window incidentally from the inside and the 2nd floor to the 2nd floor of the continuous rain though in the place of the movement, there was not too a lot of luggage soon in the vicinity either.

The reward is 2,000 yen for one hour.

This is the same as a basic charge of the administrative scrivener business of the administrative scrivener office.