June 30, 2007

How much becomes muscular pain when the boot camp is started?After it had camped booting, a day the first grade of junior high-school was opened about the first time because taking allowances about there had not been understood.

It is what when muscular pain seems to be too cruel, and to interfere to daily

Muscular pain came at once after it had done for several hours after the boot camp first time
(ビリーズブートキャンプ) had been ended.

It is painful somehow in the body. Of course muscular pain coming on the next day
when it got into bed while worrying.

The pain is a thigh because there was a lot of squat.

And, the vicinity of the collarbone is also painful why. Muscular pain ..basic training and here and there by the use of the muscle not usually used in the body other.. ..lightly…

However, the rise getting off of the stairs : for a moment by painful because it
did not overwork too much.


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